2019-2020 Gulf Rugby league winners announced

2019/20 Gulf Rugby League Winners

Following the recent announcement by the UAERF regarding the 2019-2020 rugby season, Gulf Rugby Management (GRM) in consultation with UAE Rugby Federation will be implementing the below process, to conclude the 2019-2020 season.

West Asia Championship

  1. All remaining league games are to recorded as a 0-0 draw. (criteria as used in the Rugby World Cup cancellations due to the Typhoon).
  2. No West Asia final.
  3. Based on the above, Bahrain are to be declared 2019-20 season Champions.

Bahrain Rugby Club
Congratulation to Bahrain RFC for retaining the West Asia Premiership Rugby title.

UAE Premiership

  1. All remaining league games are to be recorded as a 0-0 draw.
  2. No UAE Premiership final.
  3. Based on the above, Dubai Exiles are to be declared 2019-20 season Champions.

Dubai Exiles Rugby Club
Congratulation to Exiles RFC for winning the 2019/20 UAE Premiership Rugby title.

UAE Division 1

  1. All remaining league games are to be recorded as a 0-0 draw.
  2. No UAE Division 1 Semi-final or final.
  3. Based on the above, Abu Dhabi Saracens are to be declared 2019-20 season Champions.

Abu Dhabi Saracens Rugby Club
Congratulation to Saracens RFC for winning the 2019/20 UAE Division 1 title.

UAE Division 2

  1. All remaining league games are to be recorded as a 0-0 draw.
  2. No UAE Division 2 final.
  3. Based on the above, Barrelhouse are to be declared 2019-20 season Champions.

Barrelhouse Rugby Club
Congratulation to Barrelhouse RFC for winning the 2019/20 UAE Division 2 title.

UAE Women’s Series

  1. No results recorded for the final round.
  2. Dubai Hurricanes are to be declared champions, based on the league standings after 7 completed rounds.

Dubai Hurricanes Rugby Club
Congratulation to the Hurricanes Ladies RFC for winning the 2019/20 UAE Women’s Series Rugby title.

Mini & Youth

  1. No winners can be reached so the 2019/20 mini & Youth rugby season shall be declared void.

Will there be a trophy presentation?

When there is the opportunity, GRM/UAERF will arrange for the trophy presentation of the above mentioned winning rugby teams.

What will happen next season?

Having served a formal notice, Gulf Rugby Management (Emirates Group) have notified the UAERF that they will no longer be continuing with the management of Gulf Rugby. So, who will manage Gulf Rugby next year…… time will tell.

Tell us your thoughts

Let us know your thoughts on today’s announcement of the conclusion of the 2019/20 rugby season in the comments section below;

11 replies
  1. Catherine Joshi
    Catherine Joshi says:

    Why would the mini and junior results be void? The Tigers U13 A team have clearly won their league by winning every game this season. Why are GRM depriving them of their well deserved trophy. Its bad enough that the children can’t finish the season and now GRM are doing this to them??

  2. Anna Griffith
    Anna Griffith says:

    Agreed Kathy Joshi, the poor boys and I am sure there are other teams in the same predicament, sure league tables give a fair indication of who is at the top of each league. Come on GRM these kids have worked hard and fairly!

  3. Mark Timmermans
    Mark Timmermans says:

    The Tigers U14 A-Team won every game they played this season. I do not understand how a winner could not be chosen as they played every other club.

  4. Paul
    Paul says:

    “No winners can be reached”. What does that mean? If you you apply the same criteria as you have to the other Leagues, then surely the current standings speak for themselves?
    Come on GRM, your decision to void all Youth and Mini titles is depriving teams who have clearly won their respective divisions, when using the same criteria applied to the other leagues.
    “All remaining Games to be recorded as 0-0”
    “No Final”
    “Based on the above”………You can fill in the rest!
    Every other league has a winner, unless you happen to play Youth or Mini Rugby.

  5. Donna Powell
    Donna Powell says:

    Totally agree with other comments. Tigers u13a team scored 29 points out if a possible 30, winning every game. They beat every team so why should this be a void competition?? They quite clearly are the best team in the league and should be rewarded as such.

  6. Allison Hosking
    Allison Hosking says:

    Totally agree with these comments. The U13A Tigers boys clearly and unequivocally won the league as they were undefeated. In these uncertain times this is something which is certain and would have brought them something to celebrate. What a sad and unnecessary way to end the season when they worked so hard for so many months.

  7. Allison Hosking
    Allison Hosking says:

    I tried to post a comment to support the above comments but got a message saying it was a duplicate? Are comments being censored?

  8. Karen Selby
    Karen Selby says:

    I am in totally agreement of the above comments.
    Mini youth and Junior rugby is important. The achievements of these leagues needs to be recognised. The future of rugby will rely on the organisation working a little bit harder, you need to recognise the outstanding achievements of these young people. You should have all the scores from all the leagues for Mini and Youth. A decision can be made, I know this especially for the U11’s, U13’s and the U14’s league. It is very clear who is the winning team. Do not rob our youth, they’ve been robbed enough!!

  9. Angus Kennedy
    Angus Kennedy says:

    I know this is 1st April but this joke really isn’t funny! What a travesty.

  10. Paul
    Paul says:

    Totally agree with the comments made about U13 competition. The Tigers made it through last year’s competition as top team, only to loose the final at the 7’s. This year they are unbeaten. If anyone can find a calculator that has a solution of ‘they shouldn’t be awarded the trophy’ then I’ll eat my ruby boots. Why are GRM not using the same calculator that determined the senior competitions? As we try to grow the game, and the youth of our game, this is a real kick in the guts to a team who deserves recognition for an outstanding season. A pity that the rule makers couldn’t come down and watch them some time. Perhaps you would like to call the captain of this team and explain it to him?

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