All Domestic Rugby To Stop Until Further Notice

The UAE Rugby Federation have released a statement regarding all rugby activities throughout the UAE in connection with the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. Various sports councils around the Emirates have published notices advising Gulf rugby clubs and sports centres to close. This follows recent school closures which have gone into effect as of today (March 5th). The Sevens Stadium in Dubai has also released a statement saying;

“Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and instruction from the Dubai Sports Council, The Sevens Stadium has suspended all activities with immediate effect. Subject to further advice from authorities, The Sevens Stadium will now be closed from today (5th March) until the 31st March 2020.”

UAE Rugby Federation Statement Regarding COVID-19

Below is the notice published by the UAERF.

Pursuant to the UAERF Board of Directors decision amid COVID-19 virus outbreak, in alignment with the Global and Nationwide Health and Safety precautions putting players’ Safety and Welfare at utmost priority, the following applies with immediate effect:

  1. Cessation of all Rugby activities at all Clubs\Academies for all age groups with immediate effect until 31 March 2020.
  2. Resuming activities will be considered only following any update from higher governing authorities.
  3. All concerned entities to abide by the content of this notice.
  4. Decision to be disclosed in social media and to all concerned entities.

Wishing safety to you all,
United Arab Emirates Rugby Federation

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