UAERF transfer window 2018

Transfer Window Changes Have Taken Place Within The UAERF – Heres What You Need To Know

The UAE Rugby Federation have amended the ‘Player Transfer Window’ based on recommendations proposed at their end of season meeting.

When Are The New Transfer Windows Open?

Players transfers are now only permitted during two periods of the year;

Window One: 1st June – 31st July
Window Two: 20th December – 5th January

Transfers are subject to approval from both club chairmen and the UAERF and the player is only allowed to transfer during the above transfer window dates. This means there will be no free movements during the pre season period before we kick off again in September.

All player transfer requests need to be applied for via the ‘Player Transfer Application Form’ where approval for the transfer will be subject to the Transfer Conditions outlined in the form.

It’s worth noting here that this is only valid for senior rugby (18 years and over).

The player transfer application form is deemed valid only when the below items are fulfilled by all parties involved:

  1. Both club chairpersons or their representatives approve and sign the form.
  2. By signing, the player confirms payment in-full of any annual subscription fees owed to their current club.
  3. The transfer is within the transfer windows and conforms to UAERF Registration & Competition Regulations.
  4. UAERF approves and signs the play transfer form.

Download the official UAERF Local Player Transfer Application Form here: