UAE Conference Rugby Statistics 2018/19

Gulf Conference Rugby Clubs By Numbers 2018/19

We’ve collated all of the 2018/19 UAE Conference Rugby fixtures to show each clubs performance throughout the season from a birds eye view compared to last season. We look at total points scored in league matches (not including forfeited or non competitive fixtures), matches played, tries scored, conversions kicked, penalty kicks and finally, drop goals.

Total Conference Points

Top to bottom of points scored by clubs throughout the 2018/19 season.
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Please note: The statistics on this page do not account for forfeited or non competitive matches, only completed league fixtures throughout the Gulf rugby season.


Conference Points
⇑ Up 162


Conference Matches
⇓ Down 6


Tries Scored
⇑ Up 36


Conversions Kicked
⇑ Up 9


Penalty Kicks
⇓ Down 14


Drop Goal
⇑ Up 2