Gulf Rugby Clubs

Competitive expat rugby teams throughout the Gulf & United Arab Emirates

Full list of affiliated rugby teams

Above you will find the full list of UAERF affiliated rugby teams actively competing throughout the rugby season. Included in this list is also Bahrain and Doha who compete in the West Asia Premiership. There are 8 Dubai rugby teams, 5 Abu Dhabi rugby teams, 1 Sharjah rugby team and 1 Ras Al Khaimah rugby team. In total there are 14 UAE rugby clubs and 2 from nearby regions of the Middle East.

Competitive UAE Rugby Clubs

Throughout the UAE and Gulf region, you will find many rugby clubs, with various standards and skill levels. There are some old Dubai rugby teams that have been around for many years and some new rugby clubs that are still in their infancy. Using our handy guide to finding a rugby club, you will be able to find rugby teams in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and some that are further afield such as Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), Al Ain, Doha and Bahrain.

We have provided you with a full list of all of the current Gulf Rugby clubs in Dubai and the UAE, actively playing rugby throughout the Emirates.

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Levels Of Rugby Played

You may be asking yourself – Where can I play rugby in Dubai or throughout the UAE and what standard or rugby do they play? Standards of rugby played throughout the Gulf and Emirates regions, range from the professional elite, sometimes representing their country and in some cases the UAE National Rugby Team to the older, wiser, veterans rugby player, who is looking to play social rugby and play the occasional game for his/her local team.

Mini & Youth Rugby

There are a growing number of rugby clubs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other areas of the Emirates that are introducing grass roots mini and junior rugby. Starting from the age of 8 – 17, young children, both male and female can learn the basics of playing rugby. They are usually introduced to the sport by playing touch rugby, which is a non contact version of the sport – great for people just learning the basics of rugby. Gradually as they become used to the rules of touch rugby they will be introduced to the physical side of rugby – mastering the tackling game!

Usually from the age of 10+ the junior rugby players will play full contact rugby up to the age of 17 and 18, when they will be looking to make their way into the mens rugby teams.

Men’s Senior Rugby

You can become eligible to play for any mens senior rugby club once you are over the age of 18. Within the UAE, there are 3 main competitive rugby league competitions, played throughout the season from October until April, which is very similar to the rugby seasons played in the northern hemisphere and Europe.

As the local rugby teams grow, their player numbers grow, which allows the rugby clubs to field more teams. The majority of the rugby clubs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have at least a 1st XV and 2nd XV team playing competitive rugby in the UAE, with some of the more popular rugby clubs able to offer a 3rd XV side.

Women’s Rugby

Women’s rugby in Dubai is growing at a fantastic rate with more and more of the local rugby teams able to compete in various competitions held throughout the year. As of yet there is no full 15-aside teams of competitions played in the Gulf, but plenty of 7’s rugby action to be seen. Dubai rugby clubs that feature women’s rugby in are, Phoenix, Sharks, Hurricanes, Tigers and Harlequins in Abu Dhabi with plenty more emerging in the popular sport for women.