rugby club concussion management Dubai

Is your rugby club concussion ready?

Ask Yourself

  • Does your club have an up to date concussion policy in place for the upcoming season?
  • Have you set a date for concussion training and dissemination of information?
  • Have you set a date for baseline testing?

Some Stats to Think About

  • UPANDRUNNING saw 122 suspected concussion cases in 2018/19
  • Of those 24% were not concussions
  • Of the ones that were 8% developed persistent concussive symptoms or other complications related to the injury
  • The Average number of physiotherapy sessions is 2.5

Education is key

It is important to understand how to effectively manage concussions in sport and in general activity. Research is advancing every day UPANDRUNNING strive to follow the current accepted guidelines and latest research relating to concussion management.

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