uaerf return to rugby guidelines

Another Step Closer to Playing Rugby Again!

The UAE Rugby Federation have announced the safe return to playing rugby again, along side a comprehensive guideline with measures conforming to World Rugby, World Health Organisation (WHO) and the General Authority of Sports.

The UAERF Medical Committee (MEDCOM) headed by Dr. Alan Kouri, for the safe return of Rugby in the UAE amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, has utilized the resources provided by World Rugby as well as the local laws and restrictions currently governing the United Arab Emirates to provide information and a framework for the UAE-based rugby clubs, schools and venues to use in order to keep the rugby community safe while returning to play.

Phase 1 of the return to activity will be no more than 50% of the normal capacity with rugby training sessions not exceeding 60 minutes.

The UAERF aim to update us within 30 days as of 4th August, when rugby clubs can move to the Phase 2, which eases the participation levels and give more chance to players’ performance progression.

Return To Play Guidelines

You can download the official Return To Play Guidelines PDF by clicking the button below.

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