Lucian Jensen - Amblers Rugby Player

We have a Choosday Chat with Amblers outside centre, Lucian Jansen.


Age: 33
Born: Cape town, South africa
Club: Al Ain Amblers
Position: Outside centre or wing
Height: 180cm
Weight: 107kg

“We do have a few clowns in the team”

Do you have any nicknames?

Yes, I have two actually. One is “Hadji”, I was dubbed this name by my team mates back home because I was the only coloured, Indian looking rugby player in the team. Second one is Wakanda. I went on tour last year to Thailand and told my mate, Tito Asafo, every African looking person that walks past us I will do the Wakanda sign from the Black Panther movie and they will respond, which they did and the name just stuck. Half the team was doing ‘Wakanda forever’ throughout the tour.

Who or what inspired you to play rugby?

My high school athletics coach, Thys Ruthven, got me in to rugby mainly because the under 16s school rugby team needed speed and I was the only one keen to do it. That was my first time playing this lovely sport and from then I’ve never looked back.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

Braai, Smoking some Shisha, having a beer and spending time with family and friends, in that order :)

What would you like to achieve outside of rugby?

Wow, after being part of rugby for such a long time I haven’t given it much thought. I guess enjoying the finer things in life, smoking shisha and occasionally playing FIFA.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I can make a mean sponge cake or so I’ve been told.

Who’s the best dancer in the Amblers squad?

It has to be Tom “Run it straight” Hanks (Not the movie star!!).

Who do you listen to to get pumped for a match?

Baby shark, doo doo hahaha, just kidding. I listen to an American football motivational speech by Coach Flowers called “I am a champion”.

Who are the jokers at the Amblers?

We do have a few clowns in the team. To name a few I have to say definitely Alaa Samman, FC Holdt and I count myself too.

What are the best things about being part of Amblers RFC?

The brotherhood on and off the field, the culture and ethos of the Amblers team, oh also not forgetting the bus rides when playing away games.

What was the last takeaway you ordered?

That’s a no brainer, McDonalds because McDonalds is life!

Who would be your three dream dinner guests?

They would probably be Ma’a Nonu and Richie McCaw because it would be awesome to have dinner with those legends and Trevor Noah to add some comic entertainment.

Which opposition do you look forward to playing against the most?

I would have to say Harlequins, always a tough battle on the field.

Who has the worst Dress sense in the squad?

Sean Emmit “Gimmly”, our very own leprechaun ;) He is going to kill me.

Hows life in Al Ain?

Al Ain is good, been here about 2 years and loving it so far. Definitely an easy going life style. It’s an amazing place for my family.