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Mike Phillips Rugby Academy & Yalla Rugby Team Up To Bring You His Six Nations Rugby Predictions For 2019

Mike Phillips Rugby Academy

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Video Transcription

Hi it’s Mike Phillips Academy here with Yalla Rugby and here are my predictions for the Six Nations.

6th – Italy

Ok so, the team I think is going to unfortunately finish at the bottom of the table – Italy for me, I think they haven’t really progressed in the last couple of years. I think they’ll find it very difficult during the 6 Nations. The Italian player to look out for in this years Six Nations would be Tommaso Allan.

5th – Scotland

The team I think will come fifth in the competition will be Scotland. They’re a team that improved dramatically over the last few years, but because of injuries and because of the way the fixtures have fallen for them, I think they’ll end up fifth. The Scottish player to look out for would be Stuart Hogg.

4th – France

For me, the team that will end up fourth in this competition will be France. They’ve got so much potential, a great squad, but don’t seem to quite click in the big matches so I think they’ll come in fourth. The play I think to look out for in the French will be Gaël Fickou.

3rd – Ireland

The team that will end up coming third will be Ireland. Obviously they’re one of the best teams in the world at the moment, beating New Zealand in November and constantly improving under a great coach, but for me, they will end up third. Well for me the best Irish player would be Jacob Stockdale. He’s an outstanding player.

2nd – England

A close second for me will be England. I think without doubt, one of the favourites going into the World Cup. Whatever happens in the 6Nations they’ve got so much depth within their forwards and their back division, they’ve been a lot more creative so a close second for England. How do you do a Bristol accent? O’right Governor, the England player to ‘boss it’ will be Henry Slade…apples and pears!

1st – Wales

The team that is going to end up top of the Six Nations this year will be Wales. I think purely because of the way the fixtures are lying, they host England in their third match and Ireland in their last match and I think that they will be victorious in both these matches at home for Warren Gatland’s last 6 Nations Campaign. Well, for me you know, the best Welsh rugby player would be Ken Owens.

Thanks for being with Mike Phillips Rugby Academy and Yalla Rugby. I hope no one was offended by my accents.

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