Barrelhouse Coach Taylor Hamilton’s Choosday Chat

Taylor Hamilton Choosday Chat

Barrelhouse Fullback Taylor Hamilton talks about noisy eaters, hiding evidence and an inspirational teacher.


Age: 27
Born: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Club: Barrelhouse RFC
Position: Fullback
Height: 187cm
Weight: 82kg

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“Smart giants in the front and fast silky feet in the back.”

Do you have any nicknames?

The Barrelhouse boys have given me the nickname of ‘Butters’, obviously it’s because of my slick passing!

What annoys you?

I can’t stand the noise of people eating.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

Between running a rugby club and a new business, you’ll usually find me at the local beach or hitting the gym.

Who are the jokers at Barrelhouse?

The jokers are definitely Ryall and Kurt. They’re always great craic.

Do you have any phobias?

Just the eating thing as above!

If you could be one of your team-mates, who would it be and why?

Probably PJ. The boy could easily play pro rugby!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

There’s nothing better than eating a full family pack of crisps and then hiding the evidence.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I Would like to say I can impress on the dance floor. But I’ve recently seen some videos, and now I’m not so sure.

Who has the worst Dress sense?

Matt Rubin, I’ve never seen him with anything other than shorts and a pair of Air Max.

Who do you listen to to get pumped for a match?

I love blasting System of a down just before a big game. It totally gets me in the zone!

Who or what inspired you to play rugby?

Probably my primary school coach, Paul Austin inspired me the most as a kid to play rugby.

What are the best things about Barrelhouse?

The camaraderie and brotherhood is like nothing we’ve had before. It’s a team topped with ‘smart giants’ in the front and fast ‘silky feet’ in the back.

Who would be your three dream dinner guests?

I’d love to have a sit down with Jonny Wilkinson, Jeremy Clarkson and Eminem.

What was the last takeaway you ordered?

It has to be Projeto Açaí. If you’re into your healthy food, you can’t go wrong!!!