Rebounder Rugby Ball

The Perfect 3/4 Size Training Ball

New & Improved Design Quality Durability

The Rebound Rugby Ball is the perfect training partner to perfect your passing technique and improve your skill sets on and off the playing field. The bespoke 3/4 shape of a full rugby ball and flat base allow players to pass or kick against a wall without a partner.

One end of the rugby ball is flat and the other end is a conventional rugby ball shape and has been specifically developed to bounce back, spin and return to the player when the flat edge is thrown or passed against a wall or hard flat surface. The solo skills ball is very similar to the Gilbert Rebounder Ball but with extra hand grip for more of an authentic sized full shape training ball.

If you are looking to improve your rugby career by developing your ball skills wherever you are, this training ball is a must have for your kit bag.

Key features of the ball include:

  • 3/4 length ball to allow passing practice without a partner 
  • Pass against a wall off either hand to improve technique 
  • Y-Tech durable rubber surface made from a blend of natural and synthetic rubber.
  • Enhances ball handling proficiency, hand eye coordination, aim and ball awareness off both hands 
  • Builds strength, stamina, endurance, reaction time and confidence 
  • Develops passing and catching speed, reaction time, accuracy, agility and efficiency off both hands


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