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Are you Interested In Sponsoring Or Advertising With Yalla Rugby?

With a Yalla Rugby partnership, our approach is slightly different.

You become part of our family. We like to get to know you and your individual sponsorship needs to create a bespoke offer for you, so you can leverage a unique partnership that meets YOUR objectives.

We’re afraid you won’t find any ‘one size fits all’, Gold, Silver or Bronze template packages here.

Instead, we’d like to offer you more of a customised, thoughtful approach, where both parties work together to fine tune and create the perfect sponsorship package.

Our process

A short phone call or meeting is all it takes for us to determine your needs. What are your marketing goals? Who is your target audience? Are you looking to increase sales or looking for product endorsements?

We will tailor a proposal for you to include various avenues that you or your company can leverage from Yalla Rugby. We can bring marketing ideas to the table to work along side your marketing team.


Some figures

Since first launching in autumn 2015, Yalla Rugby has enjoyed continued growth online and throughout the rugby community. From 5,300 users in year one to over 20,000 active users in year two, we are showing increased growth all over the world, enabling us to now be in the position to connect with a unique target audience through the love of rugby.

Sometimes reaching audiences of over 30,000 people via one single social media post, we can work together to get your message in front of the right people, at the right time.

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Lets talk

If you are interested in meeting up over a coffee or having a chat on the phone about a potential partnership, please call or email Alex Johnson by clicking below.