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UAE Release Penalty Statistics

UAE Rugby have today released the penalty statistics for Yellow and Red cards issued to date, this 2016 / 2017 season.

There have been 116 Yellow cards and 16 Red cards issued, compared to the 2015/2016 totals of 186 and 19 (respectively).

Cards have been issued across all competitions in the Emirates 2016/2017 fixtures, and with 96 games remaining before the close of the season, the UAERF is concerned with the escalation.

Qais Al Dhalai, UAE Rugby’s Secretary General commented:

“In the very first weekend of games in the UAERF / Asia Rugby West Leagues we saw 22 yellow and 6 red cards issued and this was only in the Premiership and Conference”.

“Our board has taken the decision to be transparent and share these very concerning statistics to help Clubs; their Executive Committee, coach, and their players take ownership and address this unacceptable upward trend.” added Al Dhalai.

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New Tougher Approach Now In Effect

World Rugby’s new tackle law came into effect on Tuesday January 3rd, 2017, following which there has been a heightened interest in what effect the initiative would have on the pitch, and the UAERF is committed to being proactive in enforcing this directive.

The UAERF, alongside both the UAE Rugby Referees (UAERR) and the Judicial Officers are working closer together to identify and recommend what rugby clubs can do to effectively implement change and improve. In a proactive step, the UAERR have issued a ‘Rugby Referee Game Norms’ guideline to UAE’s Clubs, and the UAERF will continue to communicate through their social media and other communication forums.

While there was a sharp increase in the number of cards issued during games played over the most recent weekend (January 13th) as referees look to heighten their vigilance on the high tackle, there is a general increase in discipline and infringement issues which the UAERF are extremely committed to working toward a dramatic reduction.

Red Card statistics

16 red cards to date

  • Longest ban is 2 matches after reduction
  • 8 cards for Dangerous Tackling
  • 6 cards for Punch/Strike
  • 1 card for Dissent/Abuse Match Official
  • 1 card for Pick Up and Tip Tackling

Yellow Card statistics

116 yellow cards to date

  • 9 players are on their 2nd yellow of the season
  • 49 cards for Dangerous Tackling
  • 26 cards for Repeated Infringement
  • 13 cards for Unfair Play
  • 4 cards for Punch/Strike
  • 4 cards for Dissent/Abuse Match Official
  • 3 cards for Dangerous Charging
  • 3 cards for Dangerous Play in Scrum, Ruck or Maul
  • 3 cards for Late Charging the Kicker
  • 3 cards for Playing Opposition without Ball
  • 2 cards for Acts Contrary to Good Sportsmanship
  • 2 cards for Pick Up and Tip Tackling
  • 2 cards for Tacking Jumper in the Air
  • 1 card for Late Tackle
  • 1 card for Obstruction

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