gulf rugby season 2019-20 ended

Following on from our previous announcement earlier this month, the UAE Rugby Federation have announced the full suspension of all rugby activity for the current season. Remaining fixture that are unplayed will be scheduled during the new 2020/21 season. The full notice from from UAERF can be read below:

UAERF Coronavirus COVID-19 Notice

Pursuant to the Federal Authorities Health Measures and direction of General of Sports, the UAERF Board of Directors decisions Notice 01/320 in light of the precautionary measures in maintaining players’ safety and welfare, the following is decided:

  1. Suspension of all Rugby activities at all Clubs/Academies for all age groups Season 2019/20
  2. Re-scheduling of any Season 2019/20 remaining league fixtures/competitions to effectively take place during Season 2020/21.

What does this mean for Gulf Rugby?

The West Asia Premiership was all but complete, apart from the final which was due to be played tomorrow (27th March 2020) in Bahrain, between the Dubai Exiles and Bahrain RFC. This fixture will now most likely be played next season to determine who will be crowned West Asia Premiership Champions 2019/20.

The UAE Premiership final was due to be played last week, between the Exiles and Dubai Hurricanes but again, won’t now be completed this current rugby season.

In Division 1 we were down to the Semi Finals to see who would compete on finals day. This was going to be between Saracens, Wanderers, Hurricanes and Amblers, so again, this will hopefully be picked up again early next season.

Division 2, was looking exciting, until we faced the Coronavirus COVID-19 notice to halt all rugby action. It’s a close fought battle between Barrelhouse, Rak Rugby, Harlequins and Muscat. Muscat could still top the table and play one of the other tree clubs in the Division 2 final.

The Womens rugby sevens tournament was all but tied up with the Dubai Hurricanes winning the league, ahead of the Knights Eagles, with a 10 point margin. The only remaining weekend to be played was Round 8, hosted by the Dubai KnightsEagles at Sports City.

So… how long this lockdown on sports will last, no one knows.

How do you think the season should end?

Award the titles to the league table toppers or play out the fixtures next season? Let us know your thoughts below…

In the meantime, #staysafe #stayhome and keep fit as next season will be worth the wait!!!!

5 replies
  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    It was a terrible season all round for so many reasons. The season should be finished now and hopefully everyone can start fresh in September.

  2. Ed Bevan
    Ed Bevan says:

    Hi, Guys,
    I like the rock paper scissors approach! But in all seriousness, the playing of remaining fixtures next season cannot possibly work for age grade rugby. The UAERF must actually put some thought into how to end this season. Possibly looking at how other leagues are doing it. Wasn’t the football pools invented to predict results in case games weren’t played? Where’s that machine now?
    Good luck to them, I say, but playing the remaining games next season does not work for Junior Rugby…
    PS Happy to join any discussion if this goes further…

  3. Sarah Richardson
    Sarah Richardson says:

    Whoever was on top of the league leaderboard is crowned the winners for the season.

    20/21 you must move on for a new season.

    Boys are developing/maturing up levelling their fitness skills – it has to be a fresh start and put this season behind us.

  4. Michael
    Michael says:

    The competition leaders that currently stand should be awarded the winners of their league. The teams could change drastically next season (due to the fluid workforce) which would be unfair to today’s teams. While any team can win on any given day, consistency and long term hard work should be rewarded.

  5. Michael
    Michael says:

    It is very unlikely COVID-19 will be resolved in the next 6-12 months. You have to write off the 2019/2020 season. That’s just the way it is and no one should be crowned “winners”. If we want to reward hard work, then everyone who participated in 2019/2020 should get a medal. Seriously, we all have far more important things to address in the next 6 – 12 months. Stay safe!

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