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Yalla Rugby is now one of the leading sources for independent coverage of UAE rugby, and we feel it can grow with your help, to try and spread awareness of the game that we all love.

If you are interested in contributing an article on a one-off or regular basis please get in touch, as there is still much that we cannot cover that we would like to, or even if you would just like to make a comment or suggestion.

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If you’re thinking of setting up your own rugby based blog, there could be advantages to joining with Yalla Rugby instead of setting up your own site.

Here’s why we think it could be a good idea:

  • Yalla Rugby is already set up, maintained and hosted, so it costs you nothing but your time.
  • We can help guide your writing if there is an area you are interested in, with suggestions for posts as well as a team who act as sounding boards for article ideas. In short, you are not alone! We have an active Facebook Page for interacting and planning as well as just chatting about local UAE rugby news.
  • Yalla Rugby already has a good network of contacts, and is already recognised in the rugby world, in the United Arab Emirates and further abroad. Our correspondents have been asked to appear on radio, podcasts and write guest posts for global rugby websites, most recently being AsiaRugby.com.
  • Yalla Rugby has a strong online presence in the search engines (try typing “UAE Rugby” into Google). Your articles have much more chance of reaching a wider audience with over 43,000 unique users. We also have a large Facebook and Instagram coverage as well as a growing Twitter following.

Getting Involved

In short, we can be stronger together. All opinions (rugby-related ones anyway) are welcome under our umbrella, covering all areas of the game.

In particular we’d be interested in hearing from people able to act as the following:

  • Domestic UAE Rugby Correspondent –  Senior Mens covering all UAE based rugby clubs and International Squad.
  • Women’s Rugby Correspondent – to keep us up to date with the Women’s rugby scene in the UAE.
  • Mini/Youth Rugby Correspondent – covering Mini/Youth and schools rugby. A chance to spot the Emirates talent of the future!

The main focus of the site will always be the local UAE rugby clubs and international UAE squad, but we welcome other rugby related article themes also, such as product reviews, competitions and world rugby also.

At the moment, Yalla Rugby does not make any money or is even set up as a business.

In the first instance enquiries should be sent to info[at]yallarugby.com

Welcome to the team!

Alex Johnson

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