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Yalla Rugby have partnered with premium gum-shield manufacturer – JAFEJAWZ, bringing you the Intro Series range of mouthguard in the UAE.

The SAFEJAWZ #introseries is a truly revolutionary self-fit mouthguard. The SAFEJAWZ brand has a long history of making custom mouthguards for dentists and all this knowledge has been put into developing what we believe is the best fitting range of self-fit Mouthguards in the Gulf Region.

3D printing was used in the development stages to ensure a slim profile and carefully considered every single aspect of the product. The #introseries single layer construction means you can achieve a fit that ‘clicks’ into place, so you almost forget you’re wearing it.

Why do rugby players love SAFEJAWZ?

SAFEJAWZ was founded by athletes, so we know what works. We’ve packed our products with game changing features.

Safejawz intro series mouthguard features

Order a self-fit gum shield, then ‘boil & bite’ to fit yourself at home and use immediately! The Intro Series Mouthguards are suitable for all sports including Rugby, Martial Arts, Boxing and Hockey.